Financial & Retirement Planning for Individuals

We help you create a solid, actionable financial plan to help you & your loved ones reach your life goals. Putting together a financial strategy can be complicated and overwhelming. We help you cut through the confusion and create a personalised strategy for your household to help you achieve your dreams with an actionable financial & retirement plan and set up systems to make your life easier and help you reach your goals in life.

Wellness Programs for Employers

We fundamentally believe that a ripple effect dominates life that all times. A change in one area of life would alter and affect the entire band of life, automatically. We work with you to design custom, multi-channel programs based on the specific needs of your workforce with the goal of engaging all employees with ongoing, personalized support to create a culture of financial wellness. Learn how we help employees!

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How it Works: An EcoSystem That Works For You

Rupeewiz aims to create an ecosystem around you comprising elements that enable goal achievement. These have been carefully thought through to help you bring about a positive change in your lifestyle.

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After doing a vigorous research, once you have made up your mind, our financial planner will guide you through out the process, and thus will inculcate a sense of security by reinforcing a conviction for enhanced planning of your finances.

Get Your Financial Plan

Happiness is proportion to how well you have fabricated a budget for your finances. Our financial advisor, as per your lifestyle, starts with setting a goal and devising a realistic plan which can act as an asset to your assets.

Our Coach To Guide You

Our advisor will help you in developing an explicit and sturdy understanding of, how to keep your finances multiplying with time and ever evolving market trends, which otherwise either would keep laying idle or will keep on deteriorating in strength.

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Monitor Your Financial Plan

Our experts at RupeeWiz are extensively trained in their respective fields and help you analyze your spending, history at regular intervals to track periodic financial performance so as to enforce an apparent and secured blueprint for your prospective financial goals.

Review and Improve

Our experts will help you in keeping track of steady changes, so as not to impact your financial goals. By keeping in touch regularly with our advisor, your wealth planning jitters of failing to discover a reliable solution will vanish.

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